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Default [DF] Help making an effective Martial Artist

So a new player joined my DF game and rolled up a Martial Artist. I warned him that (1) MA is not something I've every really done much in all my years of GMing, and (2) I felt that he was going to be under powered compared to the rest of the group. But, as I often do, I looked over his sheet gave some feedback and said that we would see how it plays then adjust.

Then he was killed in the second round of his first combat.

So... I took a closer look at the template, and I just don't see how you make an effective Martial Artist.

First, he wanted to go with "fists and feet", and I understand the issues there. But beyond that. The template gives (for DF), low ST, HP, HT, and defenses. So survival is already an issue. Enhanced Defense should be mandatory IMO.

The "strength" of the character seems to be in the special skills granted from TbaM, but requiring a bunch of these instead of just a couple with lots of points makes them mostly useless in combat. Combined with most of them based on IQ, Will, Per, or HT (only 5 are DX based) means that there is no way to buy them up to effective levels. And since many of these take a -10 to use instantly, -5 for one second, means that a skill of less than 17 isn't worth it.

Maybe I am way off base here, but I feel like the MA needs 50+ CP in order to start to get to where he can match the other templates in survivablity, combat utility, or anything other than some need tricks running and jumping after meditating for half a minute.

So, does anyone have any tips or examples of an effective 250 MA? Preferably one that take the Vow(Always fight unarmed).
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