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Default Re: [Supers] GURPS Unofficial Handbook to the Marvel Universe, Reboot Edition

Originally Posted by tbrock1031
Baseline Atlanteans, according to OHOTMUDE #1, publication date Aug 85 (cover date Dec 85), in the entries for Andromeda (p. 12), Attuma (p. 44), and the Atlanteans themselves (pp. 38-9), can bench press 4 tons
Both of them (as well as Namor and Namorita) are super-powered. Rank and file guys seem to be stronger than normals but get beat up by Daredevil (at least on land).

As for the fish bowl, that's kinda cheesy, but true. That's mostly covered by the Aquatic feature, though.
No, it's not. At worse they are Amphibious w/gills as a feature. Otherwise the should suffer the same penalties on land that we suffer in water.

Their Marvel Universe technology is based off that of the Deviants, who I've removed from the world in the process of the Reboot. Reading through the OHOTMUDE entry, I discovered that their TL without this technology, even in the present-day MU, seems to be close to the Stone Age. (A lack of portable file does make a difference, it seems.)
They use spear guns, tridents, fishbowls that self-filtrate, energy weapons, and assault vehicles. They domesticate large animals, manage large populations, and seem to be able to build air/water tight structures. No era that I can think of doesn't have them using weird tech.
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