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Default Re: Warriors of Haunden (IC)

Originally Posted by Alden Loveshade View Post
OOC: Does Anoras know someone in the area who does know Surgery (at a lot better than "I hope I roll a 5 or less")?
Rhiannon knows surgery (not super well, but better than default). She's off in the swamp. That's it for the village. This sort of surgery is time consuming (takes an hour, basic page 424)*. Mortal wounds require a HT check or Physician check every half hour to avoid dying.

Originally Posted by RainyDayNinja View Post
Thad reaches down and grabs the skull, intending to rip it from the spine and take it to Anoras to examine.

OOC: Rolled 12 against a presumptive 6. Probably won't work. Curse my meaty hands!
Thad reaches down to try and quickly grab the skull before it can turn and bit his fingers. (this is a grapple, so the penalty is only -4, not -7, see basic p 400. Its still not enough). He pulls back his fingers before he gets too close. The skull gnashes at his fingers, but can't move much.

Evaulate may serve Thad well here, as the skeleton can only twist a few bones about.

*awareness note: there are several other dead dying or wounded people present. Warchief Janden is just the most interesting.
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