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Default Suggestions for three- or four-player Ogre?

If luck holds, I may have a chance this summer to play Ogre with two or three other players. I'd love to get us all playing one game together.
  • Are there any published scenarios for three-person or four-person Ogre? If so, where?
  • I imagine that one could use existing two-player scenarios and simply divide the responsibility for various forces: "Alice, you control the Paneuropean ogre, and Bob will control the Paneuropean infantry and armor. We'll similarly split the Combine forces between Charlie and me." This might interestingly model the difference between human and AI generalship or the different priorities within an alliance of convenience. Any other suggestions about handling this sort of division of labor?
  • With the various alternate forces that are available in cardboard, a three- or even four-sided game might be possible.
    • Paneuro vs. Combine vs. rogue Ogre Mark V, all fighting to seize an abandoned factory or a train carrying vital supplies.
    • Paneuro vs. Combine, but both are trying to pry an unaligned/rogue Mark V out of the factory it had already seized.
    • Paneuro vs. Combine vs. Japan, all racing to claim defensible territory.
    Does anyone have any suggestions or guidelines for creating such scenarios?
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