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Default Re: Mageborn are like Coins - Worldbuilding TL 3

I have been trying to think of the kinds of things that would make a village prosperous, and how the mages might be able to help.

So I've started a list of "things that are important and that need to get done" in a village.

The first is feeding everyone.

A) Soil prep for crops
B) Sowing crops
C) Watering crops/draining fields (flood control, drought mitigation)
D) Pest control
E) Harvest
F) Food Storage
G) Distribution of food within the village
H) Transportation of surplus to markets

A) Breeding livestock
B) Care of livestock
C) Feeding of livestock
D) Slaughter of livestock for food
E) Harvesting wool/furs/etc
F) Transporting surplus livestock to markets

A) Road building
B) Road maintenance
C) Wagon construction/maintenance
D) Warehousing facilities
E) Traffic control (likely minimal, in a small village)

A) Constructing buildings
B) Repairs to structures
C) Fire control
D) Disaster mitigation (earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions)

A) Communication with other villages for coordination, market info, etc
B) Military advantage (if we need to worry about this, that is)
C) Revenue stream from messages from the private sector

Crowd Control
A) Keeping the populace docile
B) Mob control (if necessary)

Medical Services
A) Disease control
B) Healing (likely for only the most necessary of personnel; everyone else is expendable or otherwise not worth the cost)

I'm sure I have forgotten some categories. I've never had to get into this much detail about running a village. I mostly just handwaved it away and narrated past it. But we can't do that this time.

If anyone has any other ideas that might concern a village Reeve, add it to the list! And once we have the list of "potential problems a mage could solve" we can figure out how they might actually solve these problems, and then see how feasible it actually is.
Warmest regards,


My current worldbuilding project.
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