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Default Re: Antarctic Space Nazis Across the Multiverse

- The Westerners would have been less prepared if attacked in September 1939, yes. The same applies to the Germans. They did strengthen their forces in those months, too. Just to mention one detail, attacking West in 1939 would mean that the Eben-Emael coup would not have been planned, and that the paratroopers would have had just five combat-ready battalions, meaning that the quick conquest of Holland would not have taken place. The result is a German attack that takes a month to cross the Lowlands, in time for the fall rains to bog the panzers down.

- It's absolutely unlikely that the Soviets would have immediately invaded Eastern Poland if the Germans had struck West. Stalin would have waited to see who was winning, before coming down the fence. Thus, the Poles would have attacked Germany and Eastern Prussia in particular, with no hindrance from the USSR.

- As to the German submarines engaging the Western fleets in September 1939 instead of in May 1940... that's what they did in actual history, of course. They weren't the only German naval assets out, either.
Michele Armellini
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