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Default Rules Clarification Needed

Optional Rules, 13.01 Damage to terrain and roads.

This part makes sense. Terrain is D4. On a D all roads/tracks are cut, and forests/towns are damaged. On DD or X, forests/towns are rubble. Swamps/clear can have roads cut, but not a terrain change. Easy stuff.

Then 13.01.2 covers Spillover and overrun damage to terrain.

"If a regular attack is made against a unit in a town or forest hex (or any hex containing a road or railroad), a spillover attack is rolled against the hex’s defense of 4. As with other spillover attacks, the attack is at half strength, D results are ignored, and X counts as D. This means only attacks with a base strength of 8 or more can have any spillover effect on the terrain!"

(Emphasis is mine.) This doesn't compute for me; a 4 strength attack on a unit would be a 2 strength spillover to the terrain, enough for 1:2, so a 6 would be an X reduced to D, which is enough to damage a forest/town and/or cut roads/tracks.

It seems like a S4 attack is all you need to get a 1:2 roll, which can achieve a spillover D on a 6. Am I missing something?
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Desert Scribe
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Default Re: Rules Clarification Needed

You're correct. It was a typo.
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Default Re: Rules Clarification Needed

A correction for this erratum is among the stuff available in the Rules Update and FAQ documents available at . . . handy stuff.

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