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Default Triplanetary: Movement

I have a basic question. On page 3 there are two figures (6 & 7) on the right-hand side of ships moving through gravity wells, one full gravity and the other half. Both have the same starting location at A and a velocity of 2 hexes.

My question concerns the location of the D hex. In fig. 6, the D hex (the hex the ship would stop in if it were only affected by 1 gravity hex with no velocity change) is in the further hex below C, whereas in fig. 7 it is in the closer hex below C.

I would have assumed that both would have been in the closer hex, because that would be below C and 2 hexes from B (matching the current velocity). In the notes on fig. 7 it states that if the ship used both gravity hexes it would look like fig. 6. However, I don't see how this would be given that the first hex is before C (on fig. 7) and then the second could be before D (on fig. 7), essentially being a whole hex different.

What is the standard hex that a ship moves into given the angle represented by one hex deflection, is it the D on fig. 6 or 7?
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Default Re: Triplanetary: Movement

Because in figure 7 Gravity Hex I is ignored and only Hex II is applied to the movement.
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