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jason taylor
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Default Re: 'Imperial Culture' (non-canonista)

Aoshi Aisai:

Swift Spirited Dewclaw:

A type of throwing knife used by some Aslan. It is weighted in a manner so as to cause it to tumble more easily. It was once used in warfare as well as hunting small game, the later of which usage is more common today.

It has all kinds of usages. Some version's can be launched from a Fierah fitted with an ammunition cradle similar to those on human slings.
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jason taylor
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Default Re: 'Imperial Culture' (non-canonista)


It is a habit among Aslan to have a metaphoric or even literally animistic attitude toward weapons. This of course is known among humans and remembered from literature though less relevant in times of mass production.

One archaic Aslan weapon that has become a cultural meme is the Fierah. Some humans think this simply means a sling but the Fierah is multifunctional.

Modern ones are made kernmantle fashion with several lengths of cordage (or one relooped several times) inside an envelope. It is sometimes slit at intervals to allow the fastening of accessories and has an opening in the middle where the internal cordage is formed into a web used as a projectile cradle (often reinforced by a detachable pouch and/or a metal rim to allow the cradle to also be used as a blunt instrument). Humans who have been in contact with Aslan have invented a bewildering number of accessories, notably electric shock devices.

Like many archaic weapons it has a minor part in a modern battlefield. It mainly exists by the same method as others; being light and being adaptable as impedimenta. Depending on size and shape it is capable of being canibalized for cordage or used whole as a rifle sling or pouch holder. Other ingenious uses exist. It can deliver grenades, sensors and the like but not as efficiently as the grenade launcher. It's main reason for existing is simply that it is not much trouble.

It is also used in the hunt and in dueling. There are two main types of duels. One is a simple endurance contest where the contestants will flog each other until one yields or is declared defeated by an umpire. A more stylish one uses a fencing cloak to parry with.

Another use is in street fighting. Aslan and some humans take it into startowns as a less-than-lethal weapon in case of being accosted. Law enforcers often pay them no heed, some indeed think them purely ornamental.

Fierahs come in two basic forms. "Expendables" and "Keepers" in Anglic. The first are disposable and can be used for such things as an attack that requires releasing the weapon (in the manner of a bola or a Swiss arrow). The more expensive Keepers are seldom used in a way that might cause them to be lost. These can be prized possessions. The most valued are still made from the hide and sinews of Hraye Dragons. While these beasts are bred off world the Hraye Council of Clans prohibits the export for breeding of the most valued stock though lesser kinds may be and have been the foundation of breeds on other worlds some of whom are legends in their own right though not as valued. They are hunted or herded but some of the most valued of all run wild game laws are strict to preserve an economic resource. The hide will take a number of dyes and it is common to decorate it with geometric art and caligraphy.
"The navy could probably win a war without coffee but would prefer not to try"-Samuel Eliot Morrison

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Default Re: 'Imperial Culture' (non-canonista)

Originally Posted by jason taylor View Post
Actually I usually just used Ancients as "Yet another thing some folks believe and others think are fun." I use Fair Folk too with a few updates.

I suppose yeah, faeries could easily form things like UFO clubs. They did in the nineteenth century (and not just for Irish Peasants). And of course Ancients are also appropriate for the same thing.

And what if they really exist...

We are not alone. Well yes we have Aslan, Vargr, Hivers, Centaurs, but I mean we are really, really not alone? What, that was a jump anomaly. Yeah, that's what they want you to think. I know the Imperium is hiding something.
Read the book Strange and Secret People which is on how the Victorians understood the fairies and how they reacted to that understanding.
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Ancora Imparo
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