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Default [Supers] Squid Biomorph, and modeling tentacles

I'm trying to build a squid/octopus/cuttlefish/etc themed Biomorph (ala supers pg.42-43) and am interested in good ideas for abilities (preferably including where you'd start on the build front). Also, if this character has switchable tentacles how would you model those? Just extra arms? Would they (the extra arms) also be ham-fisted or have no fine manipulators?
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Default Re: [Supers] Squid Biomorph, and modeling tentacles

Switchable tentacles are Extra Arms with Switchable +10% and Extra-Flexible +50%. For a supers game, I would leave off things like Ham-Fisted, Bad Grip, etc - They work as good as a hand. ETA: Be sure to include Link +10% or +20% also if you want to turn more than one of them on/off at the same time instead of 1 per round. For squid powers, make two of them Long +100%.

Other squid/octopus/cuttlefish-themed abilities could include Obscure (Vision) (Underwater -30%), for a blinding ink cloud, Flexibility, Slippery, Night Vision, and Chameleon, as well as the obvious Amphibious, Nictitating Membrane, and Doesn't Breathe (Gills -50%). Maybe Speak With Animals (Mollusks -60%).

That's probably not going to eat up your budget in a 500-point game, for which I would definitely also consider one or more levels of Extra Attack, possibly even one per tentacle.

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