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Default [IC] The great black hills gold rush

Saturday 1st July 1876 Black Hills Territory

The Two Sams

You left Cheyenne just over a week ago and have been making good time though the plains of Dakota Territory. During the interminably long days you have been aware of wagons ahead and behind you all aiming for the same destination it would seem, the Black Hills Territory. Thankfully these wagons have been sufficiently far away that you have not had to deal with the occupants in any meaningful way. Every now and then you have heard the occupants of several wagons exchange friendly shouts and waves. You have not returned any of these.
This all changed of course when you finally reached the Hills. There the trails narrowed and wound their way in between the higher hill and were of course wooded. For the last two days you have been blissfully unaware of any other wagon. Despite this the last two days have perhaps been the hardest. You are now definitely in enemy territory and the signs of Indian activity are all around you. Both of you have kept a close grip on your guns the whole time.
After you decamped this morning and set of you became aware of a wagon travelling ahead of you a ways. You would catch the occasional glimpse as you entered a more sparsely wooded area. Whoever it is that is driving the wagon does not look to skilled at doing so. You often see them having to run the wagon back onto the trial or replacing items that have slipped off. It became a subject of some mirth between you as to how long it would be before you caught them up.
What neither of you bet on was to come round a sharp bend and see in the distance a burning wagon.

Sebastian and Pericles

When you set of from Cheyenne for the hills you were part of a small adhoc wagon train that formed the first night out of Cheyenne. The general idea was strength in numbers. For the first stage of your journey this was a precaution that was not needed. You passed through the plains of the Dakota Territory without a shot fired. That was not to say your journey was not entirely without incident one wagon in particular was prone to minor accidents. These minor prangs became quite regular and the group decided that this family should be left to fend for themselves. Thus the small train pulled a way ahead of them just before you got to the Hills.
When the wagon train entered the Hills pace slowed due to the twisted nature of the trail and the steep nature of some of the inclines. Despite this the train was making better time than when it was on the plains with the greenhorns the decision to leave seemed to be the right one. The train kept a watchful eye out for hostile Indians as there were signs of recent Indian activity in the area. Thankfully no attack seemed to materialise however that did not stop disaster striking in another way.
You managed to lose control of your team during an awkward manoeuvre. You lost a wheel. Yours was the rear most wagon and the rest of the train refused to stop and wait thus you were left to fix the wagon on your own. It was during the repairs that you spotted a column of smoke rising above the tree line from just down the trail.
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