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Prince Charon
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Default Re: Powers that Erase Physical Evidence?

Originally Posted by Donny Brook View Post
This sounds bizarre but I'll put it out there -- treat your entire character as one big metatrait and put No Signature 20% on it. For a 250 CP PC it would be [50].
Originally Posted by Anaraxes View Post
If you're going that route, you might as well save some points and Limit your Enhancement with an Accessibility (Only for criminal actions). Otherwise, everything the character ever does with any ability leaves no signature.
Speaking as a GM, there might be settings where I would allow something like that, but I think for most settings, I wouldn't. Speaking as a player, if the GM gave a power like that to a NPC that opposes the party (or worse, a GMPC), I think that I'd be rather annoyed. Not enough to ragequit unless the character being able to do that made the game unplayable or unenjoyable, but annoyed.
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