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Default Re: [Sorcery] Lend Energy

Originally Posted by tbrock1031 View Post
Right, I was going by the Basic Set, not the optional (but totally sensible) rule from Powers.

Forgot that you couldn't waive the resistance, though; been slogging through mental resistances rather than physical lately, where it is possible to not resist with Will....
It not just in Powers its in the FAQ pre powers.

Originally Posted by FAQ
3.2.8 I want to use an Affliction to grant bonus to my comrades. How do I go about that?

Reverse the HT roll for beneficial Afflictions; an Affliction that's HT-x to resist instead requires a HT+x to provide its benefits. Duration becomes margin of success instead of margin of failure. Use Based on (Other Attribute) if you'd prefer an IQ roll.

GURPS Powers makes this official.

GMs and players asking this question may also be interested in Auras of Power (Pyramid #3/19).
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Default Re: [Sorcery] Lend Energy

That's interesting, rougebfl, because the actual text of B35 says: "If you hit, your victim gets a HT+1 roll to resist. Apply a penalty equal to the level of the Affliction (so Affliction 1 gives an unmodified HT roll)."

So for a beneficial one it would be HT + 1 + Affliction level, or starting at 12
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