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Default Re: [RPM] [Sorcery] Merging the Systems

Originally Posted by PK View Post
1. Accept that what you're doing is going to be 100% fiat.

Originally Posted by PK View Post
2. Decide which of the two is your standard. Are you going to build every spell as an RPM ritual, or are you going to build every spell as a sorcery ability?
The former.

Originally Posted by PK View Post
3. Come up with some ratio between the two that seems to produce fairly sane results.
This is, of course, my current issue. Some experimentation indicates (energy/2) is about right - it overcharges for some spells (like Amplify Injury or Death Touch - these would be around [15] each with Sorcery, but are [32] and [24], respectively, under my proposal), undercharges for some (Fireball would be [13] with Sorcery, and is [9] with my system), and is just right for some others (Air Jet and Alertness are [9] and around [7], respectively, in both systems).

Originally Posted by PK View Post
4. Playtest, playtest, playtest, and keep tweaking step 3's ratio -- or come up with a more complex formula ("full cost = 11 + (energy/8.4)") -- until you get the results you want.
Yeah, I was hoping for some ideas to get close to something workable before going to this step. A more complex formula - particularly one that is different for different builds - might get us something very close to perfectly accurate, but would be annoying and probably negate the whole point of simply converting energy->character points.

Originally Posted by Raekai View Post
Well, I would start with Energy Reserve X (One Ritual Only, -80%) [X] numbers. You just need some other way of regenerating your Energy Reserve really freaking fast or upping the cost of the Sorcery-Ritual-Advantage in order to make up for that. But, anyway, my point is that I would start there.
An interesting concept. That's [0.6]/level, and would be set up as an Alternate Ability to 80% of the cost of Magery and Ritual Adept (as in the process you're essentially reducing those to One Ritual Only). I've always felt that burning 1 FP for an "instant" energy gathering is probably fair, so you're arguably hovering close to my (energy/2) guideline, although recharging is likely going to either cost more than 1 FP or take longer than being merely instant. It appears I'm in the right ballpark - (energy/1.5) might be closer to the mark, but (energy/2) makes the math a lot easier.
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Default Re: [RPM] [Sorcery] Merging the Systems

It has occurred to me that a merging of the two systems would look very similar to the system in GURPS Voodoo: The Shadow War.
"Despite (GURPS) reputation for realism and popularity with simulationists, the numbers are and always have been assessed in the service of drama." - Kromm
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ritual path magic, sorcery

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