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Default Re: GURPS Monster Hunters: what will you do with it?

Originally Posted by The Cardinal View Post
Now that GURPS Monster Hunters has been officially announced (DI):

What are your plans? What campaigns would you like to run? Or play in?
What kind of character templates do you expect?
I was thinking of doing a GURPS Cyberpunk/MH/Horror game. However, on further reflection I think I'll start with a modern campaign set in the US. I'll use Baltimore MD and the surrounding area as the starting point. I'm toying with the name Maryland Mahem for the campaign title (working title for now). See the following post for some earlier ideas and sources. Among other things it will allow me to use "off the shelf" time saving concepts and use material directly from MH series and Horror as well as a number of other sources that deal primarily with modern day setting.

I think for Maryland Mayhem, I'll have characters use MH/Action templates. Primary template from MH and secondary from Action with 500 character point budget. I'm not sure what to allow for disaads yet - 70 points? I'll stick with the standard 5 in quirks.
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Old 05-17-2020, 11:53 AM   #722
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Default Re: GURPS Monster Hunters: what will you do with it?

We just started to play Monster Hunter International style campaign. We don't currently have orc, elves etc as playable races. Humans (Hunters) can use Psionics, but not cast magic. Idea is similar to TV series Supernatural (with twists from X-Files).

We started as 180 points and max 40 points from disadvantages.

There are possibilities to include Illuminate or Infinite Worlds if players want in future.

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monster hunters

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