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Default Talent/Spell of the Week: Shield Expertise

This IQ 10 talent makes shields more effective at both preventing one from getting hit and mitigating damage from successful attacks. By imposing a DX penalty to those attacking from a Shield Expertís front hexes, the talent gives a considerable tactical advantage. This advantage is especially well suited to being combined with similar benefits conferred by Weapon Expertise/Mastery. Like Weapon Expertise/Mastery, Shield Expertise makes committing to a two-handed weapon a much less attractive option. Shield Expertise also improves the offensive capabilities of a shield by increasing the odds of shield rushing an opponent to the ground.

In games I GM or play in, Shield Expertise is frequently chosen by those who play characters likely to find themselves in combat. Most frequently, they take a small shield to stop 2 hits and impose a -1DX penalty to attackers while suffering no DX adjustment themselves. Sometimes, Shield Expertise is the only reason that a character's IQ has been raised to 10.

Conversation Starters
  • Should Shield Expertise increase the damage inflicted by a spike shield?
  • Would Shield Expertise be improved if the penalty to attacks made against a Shield Expertís front hexes were based on the DX penalty imposed by the shield instead of a flat rate regardless of shield size?
  • Is the IQ10 prerequisite realistic or desirable?
  • Do you think Shield Expertise has contributed to fewer characters using two-handed weapons?
  • Do you have a house rules adjustments to Shield Expertise?
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Anthony Shostak
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