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Default Re: Character Advice - Weird War 2 4e

Originally Posted by Kerobelis View Post
I'm still confused if magic items have a cost factor for this being TL 7 vs TL3? Any advice on that?
The cost of a magic item is more or less the cost of employing an enchanter to enchant it. Under the normal GURPS Magic economics for magic items, the assumption is an enchanter makes $700/month and can produces about 22 points of enchantment energy in that month. So enchanting costs works out to about $33 per point of enchantment energy.

I'm on record for firmly believing that mages should make more than Average wages, but let's assume being an enchanter class mage is a blue collar job at TL 7. In that case, th enchanter makes $2,100/month and each point of energy in the enchantment costs $100 at TL7.

However, this is something I would definitely double-check with your GM. He may want enchantments to cost more or less, and there's a lot of ways to adjust the system.
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