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Default Re: Real-Life Weirdness

Originally Posted by cptbutton View Post
The Cattle Mutilators are back! A 40 year gap, does that mean the alien planet is 20 light years away?
Honestly, if nothing else, the whole idea of "howling surveys" mentioned in the thread is potentially rather useful for a campaign. The PC's wind up going deeper into the woods, away from civilization, in an attempt to put distance between themselves and the local packs of wolves... not realizing one of those "packs" is actually a group of researchers trying to locate and assess the local wolf population. Or a group of amateur monster hunters hear a "wolf howl" that has some unmistakably human qualities to it and assume it's a werewolf, when it's really just a guy trying to do some research. Or someone with knowledge of wolves and the study thereof figures those not-quite-wolf howls are researchers and heads in that direction... only to indeed find a pack of werewolves, or some other wolf-like cryptid.
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