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Default Re: (IC) Lost in Dreams (Julian)

Originally Posted by TGLS View Post
Well I'd probably be more inclined to ask if it was piecework before day. I guess I don't have any choice but to accept his terms.

I'll ask what his name is and what the rock is called.
You always have a choice.... regardless of how poor it is!

The recruiter's name is "Kapatas". The stone is called "Vasic".

I guess this is the raw rock and not the worked and polished material? Is it smooth or rough? Is there any patterning on it?
Its the raw rock, sharp and chipped.

Kapatas is wearing some around his neck, but this is a smooth polished disk, with a set of geometrically engraved markings. Its set in a fitting, not pierced.

Well, I don't actually know and I rather not say if I did, so I guess I'll lie a little. I'll gesture that they're dead. That usually shuts down most conversations about the topic.
The man makes a brief gesture of something between understanding and apology (a half bow with hands parting slightly), and seems to be satisfied.

He walks Julian down the hall a little more, and then opens a door. There is a mining operation of sorts. The door is on the other side of the hall from almost everything else, and immediately descends down into a large wooden chamber. A passage on the ground level is large enough for carts of earth standing around to be wheeled eight ladders lead up into holes in the cliff face. Men are passing buckets of earth slowly out of the holes.

Julian is pointed to someone else named "Kapatas". A very short, very wide bald fellow with a huge beard, nose, and brow. They exchanged words breifly, and then the new kapatas gives instructions. Which seem to be go up a hole, take two lefts and one right, and bring back rock others chip away. He's then handed one of the glowing stones with the "divot" in it.
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lost in dreams

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