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Default Re: Judo is a striking skill

Originally Posted by AlexanderHowl View Post
If punching, kicking, etc. was meant to default to Judo, the techniques would have the default listed in Basic and Martial Arts. Since Judo is not a valid default for those techniques, they do not default to Judo.
The counter-argument to that aligning with MrFix's interpretation would be that only universal (always applicable) defaults are listed, and that Judo is a situational (close combat only) application for punches/kicks which would not apply to punching/kicking at reach 1.

Originally Posted by MrFix View Post
this only covers DEFENSES against an attack.
The attacker still counts as in close combat if he enters it on his turn, and can still make Reach C attacks (which is hallmark of being in close combat).
The DEFENDER is permitted to defend as if the attacker wasnt, but attacker himself is not penalized at all.
Attackers with long weapons are penalized if they step+stab instead of stab+step (-4 per yard of maximum length) so it's a "favors defenders" type setup here, is what I meant.

Allowing judo guys to potentially have higher skill attacking doesn't favor defenders, so "delay until they begin the turn close to give them that benefit" somewhat resembles the delay in applying defensive limitations.
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