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Default Hearing Rolls in Dungeons

I see that DFRPG has simplified things a bit from GURPS in terms of descriptions of hearing rolls and what can be heard at various distances, even though it appears that the general mechanics are largely the same (see Exploits, p. 9). However, I had questions about how that works with: (a) underground reverberations, and (b) interposing barriers, like doors. It's possible I didn't look hard enough, but I was wondering about the following:

1. Does DFRPG assume that these rolls are the same above ground and underground? I know that GURPS Underground Adventures gave variations on modifiers depending upon the size of the underground tunnels, etc. That's quite a bit of number crunching. Perhaps some other abstraction, e.g., if the cave/dungeon is otherwise really quiet, one receives a bonus to hear, etc., but I wasn't clear if the rules are the same above and below ground, or indoors and outdoors. Maybe that's just abstracted away, and the rolls are the same everywhere for purposes of the game.

2. What would people suggest for interposing doors (or is there an actual rule for this)? Example, combat is going on in Room 1, which has a closed door to a 10' wide tunnel, and that goes 7 yards or so to another door, behind which are orcs (assume the distance between the battle and the orcs is exactly 8 yards). What penalty, if any, would one impose for the heavy, dungeon-style doors in between? I know that a Spy's Horn (Adventurers, p. 113) allows one to listen at a door at a penalty equal to the door's (DR+HP)/5. I'm assuming the benefits of a Spy's Horn is that it cuts the normal penalties in half or so, but that's not clear. If that is the case, then if a heavy wooden door (DR 3, HP 33, 36/5 = 7) gives a -7 to a hearing roll using a Spy's Horn, is it safe to assume that the penalties are at least doubled per door, e.g., -14 for one interposing door, -28 for a second? Even average wooden doors, with DR 2, HP 29, give a -6 with a Spy's Horn, leading to -12, -24 for listening beyond them.
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