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Default Re: Spaceships vs Bioships (BIO98)

Originally Posted by vicky_molokh View Post
Is it really the case that nobody tried building bioships using the rules in Bio-Tech p.98?
Well, BT98 doesn't really have "rules" so much as "Here are some important Traits for building one as a character" along with some fluff about how they are likely to come into being. People using bioships are rare, and people building vehicles as characters are rare, so it makes sense that nobody who belongs to both camps has chimed in yet.

Originally Posted by vicky_molokh View Post
I was particularly interested in settings where such a ship-growing coexists with Spaceships-spaceship building methods (and yes, I know that Spaceships has biological options for ships, but said option is something between 'meh' and 'cosmetic, at a cost of eating lots of food' in SS).
Yeah, the SS rules leave a bit to be desired. More realistically, the bioships should probably have around halved ST or so, and there should probably be a special "biological" option for Digestive System - it would do Crushing and Corrosion damage, probably with reduced damage, to represent the way stomachs typically work. They're probably cheaper, as you only have to breed them, not build them, and they mostly just require food rather than more traditional building materials.
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