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Default Gnomes

Is it just me or do Gnomes seem horribly OP. The ability to have these MASSIVE combat bonuses at just the cost of one monster tad op :/. And if you dont have too many sets (Ive got Munchkin 1,2,3 and Pathfinder) there fairly common. Tell me your opinions of Gnomes.
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Default Re: Gnomes

I've seen this brought up several times and actually thought the same thing when I first played with Munchkin 3. After playing many games with them included, I have to disagree.

While you do have access to a powerful one-shot, using that comes at the cost of not being able to look for trouble with that monster later and not having the opportunity to wander it into someone else's combat should you come across a Wandering Monster or other legal means to add it. Most people are very wary to part with a monster in their hand in order to help themselves, unless the bad stuff is very bad. But then again, you have to have the monster in the first place to use, and in sometimes it seems you have games where they just don't come when you loot the room.

When given the opportunity, most anyone in my playgroup would be an Elf instead of a Gnome.
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