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Default Re: Does GURPS need original-setting world books?

I'm a relatively new GURPS player. I've played a lot of other systems and all of them came with a world or some such. The Palladium system is as close to GURPS as any as the others have been, primarily because the system can handle multiple generic settings as well. But Palladium has a couple of settings that are fairly popular, the greatest being Rifts of course.

After getting the 3 core books I went out looking for the settings. I found Transhuman, Traveller, Infinite Worlds and Banestorm. Nothing was very appealing and none were inspiring. Besides being too pulpy, they seemed to lack enough material support on the world itself and where the players could send their characters off to.

The wish list has a horrible selection. I would not buy one book on that list. After I read that list I knew where GURPS was going. It is and will be all about tools. But to be honestly I don't need any more tools even though I might love them. The GURPS core books are comprehensive enough! I'd like to buy a good setting book that had enough information to inspire but not enough to bore, enough flexibility so the players have fun but not so much they don't feel constrained. Nothing in GURPS line now and nothing in the wish list will have that.

GURPS needs a good core Fantasy setting. It also needs a good core SCIFI setting. It does not need a smattering of DF, Banestorm, Magic, and Fantasy. It does not need a glob of Traveller, Ultra-tech, Space, and Transhuman. It's ok to have those books but as a new GURPS GM I need to have a foundation setting in order to pull away from whatever lowly system my players and I are using right now. If there is no Forgotten Realms or World of Darkness it is going to be hellish making the transition. GM's love systems but players love settings. And that is probably my whole point. After the foundation is laid then all the other books are actually worth something. The GM would be able to weave it all in.

Sorry about the rant but the lack of a setting is one thing that I see harming GURPS. And remember, this is coming from a new GURPS GM trying to convince his players to make the move for good. If/When they do, that's when my group will drop the cash for what they need. Hands down, they'd buy the Characters book and the settings Book just to be able to create characters.
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