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Default Re: Undistractable

Originally Posted by Celti View Post
I'd compare this to Single-Minded, which is [5] for +3. That'd make it a Common category for Resistant, putting Immunity at [15]. Alternatively, you might say this is less powerful than Single-Minded because it only negates penalties and doesn't give you a bonus in undistracting circumstances, which would fairly make it Occasional at [10] for Immunity.

Especially for the latter case I would keep the flaw Single-Minded has in noticing interruptions!
I definitely thought of Single-Minded when I was presented with this question. Single-Minded is sort of an odd advantage in that it breaks with the standard GURPS idea that advantages are always purely advantageous (and if you want the disadvantageous side, take the disadvantage along with it). The disadvantage part of it might offset the added value of that +3 bonus to success rolls.

Also, it's not exactly clear from the description that Single-Minded gives you that +3 bonus to the normal Will-3 roll to avoid breaks in Concentrate maneuvers, or just to the success rolls if you can manage to stay concentrated long enough.

I'm not sure how many points the disadvantageous part of the advantage is worth, honestly. Not only do you have a whopping -5 to rolls to notice interruptions, but also must make Will rolls to ignore everything else while obsessing on something. I've known people that had this disadvantageous Single-Minded - they weren't really better at long mental tasks that required concentration, but they sure had problems diverting their attention or noticing interruptions nonetheless.

I wonder why they were linked together in the single trait. I'd have liked to see the purely advantageous bit separate, and then the disadvantageous part as a separate disadvantage, maybe with a self-control roll rather than a Will roll to avoid ignoring everything else.
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The Benj
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Default Re: Undistractable

I'd say no more than 10 points, like +10 Will at -80%.
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Default Re: Undistractable

Originally Posted by Pragmatic View Post
Perhaps call it "Focused"?
It would be a good name for it, but I think it's already the name of something else (a Perk-level limited form of Single-Minded, I believe,though IDHMBWM)
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attentive, concentrate, immunity, maneuver, resistant, single-minded, will rolls

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