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Old 10-28-2022, 04:34 AM   #1
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Default [MA, P] Attack Advantage Attack Roll with other skill except "Innate Attack"

Hello, GURPS forum users.
Today, after seeing the movie "Shang-Chi: The Legend of the Ten Rings" again after a long time today, I've been wanting to use this powerful tool called "Ten Rings" in a GURPS session.
So, to implement this tool in GURPS, I tried to use some advantages. Just then, a question that I had been curious about for a long time, but had not been answered, came to mind.

In GURPS Martial Arts' Innate Attack examples, "Flying Fists" and "Ghost Knife" use Karate and Thrown Weapon (Knife) skills respectively on their Attack Roll. There is no explicit phrase in the Innate Attack advantage or Innate Attack skill described in the GURPS basic set that you can do an Attack Roll with any other skill.

I am a native Korean, and the GURPS rulebook I mainly use is the 2nd edition of the Korean version. In this Korean 2nd edition GURPS Martial-Arts, Flying Fists is translated as "벽공장(劈空掌, Pī kōng zhǎng)". This refers to one of the powerful unrealistic martial arts of "Huang Yaoshi", a character in "The Legend of the Condor Heroes", a fairly old and famous Chinese novel of the Wuxia genre.
Even in Korean Wuxia novels, this "Pī kōng zhǎng" technique is often used as a technique for many characters, most often described as "an attack that launches an invisible mass of Qi by striking the air with a strong palm." Targets hit by this mass of Qi take heavy damage.

What I want to emphasize is this part. The GURPS basic set already has the Innate Attack (Projectile) skill. This is, as you know, a skill used when an Attack Roll is required for hand-fired types of attacks.
However, Flying Fists states to use Karate for Attack Roll instead of Innate Attack (Projectile)! Even Karate is not a skill for Ranged Attack. If so, wouldn't it make more sense to do an Attack Roll with Karate Skill for Innate Attack, which shoots these "Ten Rings" from the arm?

What I'm curious about here is this.
"Where is the statement that other skills, such as Karate or Thrown Weapon, can be used instead of the Innate Attack skill on the Attack Roll of attack advantages (+Affliction, Binding) including Innate Attack?"

Of course, I know that the flexible House Rule can be a simple answer to this kind of question. However, I would like to organize the data based on the explicit phrases provided by the official rules, unless absolutely necessary!

To answer this question, I tried several keyword searches on Google and the Steve Jackson Forum. However, my English search ability is low compared to my Korean search ability, and I have not yet been able to find an answer for the contents of the previously released English version of the GURPS supplementary materials, because even if I search on Google, the contents of the main text cannot be found.
If any of you can answer this question, please lend me your wisdom! It would be really helpful. Thanks for reading!

[Written with google translator]
Korean GURPS player.
I'm not good at English, but I'm using the power of Google Translate to communicate with you!
Your wisdom and insight are greatly appreciated.

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attack roll, innate attack, martial arts

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