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Default Re: Ideas Are Easy

Originally Posted by Mercurae View Post
This sounds super fun! I love combining fantasy and modern/sci-fi settings. The only thing better than bringing down a dragon is bringing down a dragon with an assault rifle.
Mine would look more like

Space Wizards
Typical dungeon fantasy tropes in a sci-fi world!
Elves specialize in biological and genetic engineering; enhancing lifespans, granting immunity to disease. Dwarves mine asteroids and live in the hollowed-out remains. Humans are rapidly spreading colonists. Orcs use cloning and cybernetics. Powerful wizards go toe-to-toe with space marines wielding railguns and power armor. Mages combine in industrial scale ceremonial magic, enchanting entire ships and powering magical doomsday devices. And of course, space dragons!
Dragonstar was very much like that, though not 100%. One of my favorites from the original D20 days.
"Despite (GURPS) reputation for realism and popularity with simulationists, the numbers are and always have been assessed in the service of drama." - Kromm

"(GURPS) isn't a game but a toolkit for building games, and the GM needs to use it intelligently" - Kromm
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