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Default Re: HELP!!! Im a newbie

Originally Posted by Dragondog View Post
That should be High Pain Threshold, should it not?
Yup, the translation to portuguese messes me up sometimes. In portugueses:

High-Pain Threshold = Hipoalgia (hipo = less; algia = pain)
Low-Pain Threshold = Hiperalgia (hiper = lots; ditto)

So "less pain" somehow got mixed up with low-pain, the threshold just sort of vanished from my synapses. Happens sometimes.
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Default Re: HELP!!! Im a newbie

Originally Posted by Grom View Post
I am new to the GURPS scene and am writing a scenario for my friends to go on, what I need to know is :--------
When I create an NPC, what stats do I need at hand for quick access (I.E. combat etc), or do I have to go through the whole character creation thing for each NPC and have them all at hand.
I would greatly appreciate any help
My advice, which may differ from others on the fora, is to write up a collection of refernce characters. In a fantasy campaign, your reference characters might be a knight, a priest, a journeyman wizard, and a tradesman. In a gladiator game I ran, I included a trained gladiator of each style.

Then, define important NPCs as variants of the reference. For instance, this tradesman is like my reference smith, only he works with wood instead of metal, and he has the Empathy advantage. Or this master wizard is like my journeyman, with more IQ and Magery and 20 more spells. Or this gladiator is like my reference trident-and-net stylist, but with higher combat skills and a rep to go with it. That makes a little more work to begin with but saves time throughout the campaign and generates more complete write-ups whose approximate point total you can estimate easily, if you like to use points as a rough guide. I find that if I don't use this method, all the average people disappear and all I have are mooks and heroes.

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Default Re: HELP!!! Im a newbie

As others have said, only keep track of the stuff that's going to matter to the PCs. A sample might look like:

2 Guards
ST 11, DX 11, IQ 10, HT 11
Broadsword [12] (1d Imp/1d+2 Cut)
Parry 9, Dodge 8
Leather armor (DR 2, Torso) and Pot Helm (DR 4, Skull)
Each carries 2d $ and one (#1) carries orders from the Duke
There is a 1-in-6 chance that one of them is away from the post when the PCs arrive, but he will return within 1d*10 seconds if the alarm is sounded.
- Actually one normal sized guy in three tiny trenchcoats.
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Default Re: HELP!!! Im a newbie

Hi Guys,
Thanks for the help, the info u have all supplied me will help me greatly, now I know all I need are some simple stats, and maybe a few (DIS)Advantages and some equipment, that should do me fine.
You have all been a great help to me, and being a newbie to gurps I need all the help I can get, so thanks for the help.

Take care all
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new gm, new guy

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