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Default Re: [Space] [Templates] Really Alien Aliens II: Empire of Pain

Originally Posted by SydneyFreedberg View Post
Finally, the long-suffering Spitslugs, where I made fewer changes
Not to keep picking on the spitslug template but . . .

Do they have Injury Tolerance (No Groin)? This seems logical, but if you don't want to give them that trait, just redefine "groin" as some body part that's hard to hit but highly sensitive to pain.

Demote the perk to a feature. I doesn't actually give the species any benefits.
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Default Re: [Space] [Templates] Really Alien Aliens II: Empire of Pain

That's a fair point. Rather than repost the whole template, I edited the post above... to keep that trait as a 1-point Perk but to add it gives them +2 to anyone who's snuggled a Spitslug... which should meet the qualification of " a modest bonus (up to +2) to an attribute, skill, or reaction roll in relatively rare circumstances."
Check out Really Alien Aliens and Empire of Pain
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