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Black Leviathan
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Default Re: Resolving move and attack on DWA & Feints

I'm not sure if someone pointed this out but Dual-Weapon attacks are simultaneous, not concurrent. So in your first example of Sword and Shield DWA you are impacting them with your shield while pushing your blade into them, there is no pause between the two action where your inertia grounds out. Rapid Strike attacks are concurrent but that wouldn't be enough of a beat between them to make a difference. Move and Attack penalties aren't simply for motion but for your posture and balance shifting while you move, you still have to attend to that even if you're slashing someone twice at the end of a charge. Otherwise you could simply decide you're going to stop at the end of full movement, take a breath and then swing without penalty.

By the rules I don't believe you can feint in place of an attack in Dual Weapon Attacks or Rapid Strikes, but I think I'd allow it at my table as they function much the same. However you can't feint someone during your simultaneous attack, and I'm iffy if you can feint someone in a Rapid Strike, there's just not enough time between those quick attacks for them to be put off-balance for your follow-up.
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