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Default Re: GURPS Analog of Cyberpunk 2020 vehicles

Originally Posted by hal View Post
Problem is, the more fuel you try to carry, the heavier your vehicle becomes. The heavier your vehicle becomes, the larger your engine becomes. This in turn means that you get diminishing returns on duration of operation if you want to keep your top speed at 350 MPH. Were I to design this differently, I would think that 300 MPH is a better target speed, but that's a debate for later. With an empty cargo hold (but still 6 passengers plus pilot and co-pilot, top speed hits 380 MPH and range becomes almost 380 miles.
Would things work out better if you assume CHOOH2 is some sort of superscience fuel, with markedly better performance than jet fuel? That would let you hit your goal with a relatively small fuel tank.

Originally Posted by clu2415 View Post
2) Although that much range seems pointless, since if you just got shot, you don’t want to wait an hour or more for extraction! If the grim cyber-future is at least as densely packed as 2022 Charlotte, NC, there’s at least 4 helicopter-capable hospitals within 20 miles. The aircraft can’t possibly be that far away beforehand if they expect to save your life and there’s no way it would need to fly that far afterward.
The AV-4 sounds like something that's in use by more than just Trauma Team, and other users may want the longer range. If CHOOH2 is a superscience fuel, as I suggested above, it could be that shrinking the fuel tank to a level more matching TT's requirements doesn't add enough cargo capacity to be worth it.

Also, while a severe wound is likely to need treatment in less than an hour, that's not the only reason Trauma Team might dispatch an AV. There are certainly wounds that call for TT care that wouldn't kill you within an hour (even if only because you've got some choombas who know enough first aid to keep you alive), and of course another use for TT's services is if you get drugged and abducted (TT's rapid response team shows up, neutralizes your abductors, and administers treatment while exfiltrating you), in which case having to wait for an hour isn't likely to be fatal.

Of course, that assumes TT offers services outside of their 6-minute service area. And it also ignores hal's post explaining why, while the Range is nominally ~400 miles (and note in GURPS, "Range" is how far the vehicle can travel on a full tank, not how far it can travel, do stuff, and then fly back from), in practice this only gives around a 20 mile operational radius (going full speed burns up a lot of fuel) - I was simply listing reasons why, if the vehicle did have the sort of range you mentioned, it might be of use.
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Default Re: GURPS Analog of Cyberpunk 2020 vehicles

My advice would be to not bother trying to make it work with GURPS Vehicles -- you're talking a fundamentally cinematic vehicle, and while GURPS Vehicles frequently does an iffy job of emulating reality, it's a lot less willing to totally ignore it.
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Default Re: GURPS Analog of Cyberpunk 2020 vehicles

Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
My advice would be to not bother trying to make it work with GURPS Vehicles -- you're talking a fundamentally cinematic vehicle, and while GURPS Vehicles frequently does an iffy job of emulating reality, it's a lot less willing to totally ignore it.
Honestly, Vehicles is meant more for building new vehicles from scratch. If you've already got specifications for the vehicle in question, building it in Vehicles does nothing for you. You can already translate everything into GURPS stats. David Pulver has an article in Pyramid 3/120 called "Describing Vehicles" for doing exactly that, including coming up with the 4e stats that Vehicles wont give you.

Here's a go at it using specs I found on a wiki, the aforementioned Pyramid, and High-Tech and Ultra-Tech for equipment/writeup style.

McDonnell-Douglas AV-4 Tactical Urban Assault Vehicle
TL: 9
ST/HP: 82
Hand/SR: -1/2
HT: 11f
Move: 3/171
Lwt: 4.3
Load: 2.2
SM: +5
Occ: 2+6P
DR: 40
Range: 800
Stall: 0

A light assault vehicle designed for congested urban environments inaccessible to more traditional VTOL aircraft, the AV-4 is essentially a large van fitted with a turbofan jet engine originally meant for VTOL fighter-bombers. With the aerodynamics of a brick, the AV-4 uses brute force to stay aloft. Popular with law enforcement, corporate security, and the armed medical squads of Trauma Team Incorporated.

The crew consist of a pilot and gunner seated side-by side in the front cockpit. Behind them is a small cabin with six passenger seats and a cargo hold. The cabin is accessible by two large sliding doors on either side of the fuselage, while the pilot and gunner each have their own door as well. Armaments include two GAU-2A miniguns (in small turret) with 3,000 rounds each (HT p. 135). Avionics include a pair of computerized crew stations (UT. 24) fitted with crashwebs (UT. 224), an inertial navigation system (UT p. 74), a medium tactical radar (UT p. 64), an infrared imaging sensor array (UT p. 60), a tactical ESM detector (UT p. 62), a medium radio (UT p. 44), and two personal computers (UT p. 22).

The pilot uses Piloting (Vertol), while the gunner uses Gunner (MG) to operate the minigun-armed chin turret. Electronics Operation (Communications and Sensors) and Navigation (Air) are also useful. Trauma Team typically replaces two of the rear sets with a stretched and medical equipment. Some owners also add machineguns or other heavy weapons to the side doors.
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Default Re: GURPS Analog of Cyberpunk 2020 vehicles

If you have Cyberpunkís Maximum Metal with stats for a bunch of vehicles (including AV-4 and others), itís really pretty easy to set up a spreadsheet that directly converts most of a GURPS stat block. I did it on a lark a while back but didnít bother to save it. Just have to fudge Hnd/SR and make a couple educated guesses here and there.
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