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Old 07-04-2013, 12:57 PM   #11
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Default Re: Oddball Campaign Ideas

Fluffy Magical Princess Unicorn Land

"Limitless pleasure is highly overrated." --The Maxx

Welcome to Fluffy Magical Princess Unicorn Land! Breath in the fresh, sweet summer air. Witness the stunning, majestic landscapes that stretch to the endless horizon. Who wouldn't want to live here forever and ever?

Deep inside the mystical utopian forest, unicorns run and frolic between the ancient trees, centaurs galloping beside them. Satyrs play their pipes as nymphs dance and cherubs flutter. Here, all the animals speak; from the squirrels and rabbits to the deer and bluebirds, each has a voice. Moreover, they want to be friends with everyone they meet!

Here, there is no illness, no disease, no starvation, no pain, no death. Everyone loves one another, and they all especially love their princess who lives in that spectacular white palace floating upon the low clouds yonder.

Soon, visitors ("How did we get here, anyway?") will start to notice some unexpected aspects of this wondrous land. For example, while there are male and female genders, there are clearly no reproductive organs. No creature here is "born," even though there are apparently "mothers" and "fathers" and siblings. Creatures here just somehow magically come into existence either as fully-grown adults or as child-like specimens. Sexual procreation is an unknown concept, and no one wants to discuss it anyway. In fact, the whole topic of how creatures arrive in this land is taboo.

There are no carnivores here, either. In fact, it's seemingly quite impossible to kill or seriously harm any living creature. Slash a talking miniature pegasus with a sword? The blade won't draw blood no matter how strong the arm or keen the edge. Hack into a tree with an axe? Might as well be swinging a butter knife. Trimming small branches is the best one can manage.

Speaking of violence, don't. The forest friends won't take kindly to it. No, they can't do anything to stop it, but they can run and tell the princess.

And, you don't want the princess to get mad at you.

Genre: Fantasy
Power Level: 250/-50/-5
Tech Level: 4
Style: Semi-Serious
"How the heck am I supposed to justify that whatever I
feel like doing at any particular moment is 'in character'
if I can't say 'I'm chaotic evil!'"? óJeff Freeman
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Default Re: Oddball Campaign Ideas

Justice Upon the Creator

A magical manhunt through the Infinite Worlds

The awesome power to create life -- not just to reweave hybrids, or draw out the inherent elemental spirit of matter -- has been gifted to very few individuals even in the wonder-bestrewed annals of magic. Pygmalion... Geppetto... Rabbi Loew. As devoted and skillful as these men were, none of them were perfect, and such power can go horribly wrong.

You are the creation of such a craftsman, the masterwork that gained him entrance into an elite guild of achievement: perhaps Galatea, whose skin still remembers stone... Pinocchio, with ears and a nose for truth and lies... the Golem, mute but mighty.

Your makers have set you to the task of bringing discipline to one who has abused his power. Somewhere in the Infinite Worlds, you must find the man who created seven daughters and set them to fratricide in order to win his love, and put an end to their centuries-old war.

Bring us Rozen, and end the Alice Game.
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Old 07-05-2013, 07:28 AM   #13
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Default Re: Oddball Campaign Ideas

2012 BC

The campaign is set in a pulp-fiction (ie. about as historically accurate as Xena) version of Bronze Age middle east. The Egyptian empire (complete with pharaohs) contends with a slave revolt led by Moshe, while watching its eastern borders for the Hittites and the Babylonians. Meanwhile, earthquakes are happening all over the place, causing tidal waves, cities sliding into the sea, fires in Alexandria (goodbye library!), the Red Sea to shift, and so on and so forth. Watch out for the surprise volcano that covers the local cities in "salt". Elsewhere, Noach, a local wise man, is building a big ship far from the sea. Does he know something no one else does? Who is paying for the work he is doing? Once the PCs make their epic trek to reach this "ark", they can go on a super-sized white-water rafting adventure, dodging such landmarks as the Pyramids and the Colossus.

Power Level: 100-250 points
Tech Level: 1 (low-power magic optional)
Location: Middle East
Style: Cinematic swords & sandals campaign
Tone: semi-serious; it's a disaster movie

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Old 07-05-2013, 08:12 AM   #14
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Default Re: Oddball Campaign Ideas

Making the Team

Setting: Present day Earth
Power Level: 500 points

Premise: Team Alpha, the premier supergroup in the USA, needs two things: money (they just lost funding from their corporate sponsor) and a new member (one retired due to disfiguring acid burns). Solution: have a reality show on TSN (The Supers Network)! The show will be set up a little like Idol and and a little like The Apprentice, but no one gets voted off. The wanna-be's are divided into two teams and judged on usefulness of powers, creative use of powers, leadership and proactivity, teamwork, adherence to the Team Alpha code of ethics, and attitude.

So far, I have only come up with three "episodes," The first will be, like Idol, the players and others trying to get the producers to select them by demonstrating their powers. The second is dividing the applicants who made the first cut into two teams; players are on one team, NPCs on the other. Each team tries to go through a specially-designed obstacle course as quickly as possible. (The producers wanted to be sure that the new supers could handle themselves well in a safe setting before going into a danger room scenario.) In the third episode, Team Alpha has been asked to help fight wild fires in the western USA; the state will depend on current events, but there seem to be wild fires somewhere almost all the time.

I haven't figured out how to put this in competition, but another episode might be dedicated to finding and preventing the assassination of one of the current members of Team Alpha.

I will say that I'd be more motivated to run this if I thought anyone in my gaming group would be interested in playing it. My group prefers historical fantasy, e.g., Pathfinder, Legend of the Five Rings, 7th Sea, Pendragon, etc.
"You can't go around building a better world for people. Only people can build a better world for people. Otherwise it's just a cage."
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Default Re: Oddball Campaign Ideas

This is the strangest campaign I've ever run, and I might do it again with the right group.

Imagine that some startup company has built the first VR MMRPG, done with a safe form of direct brain input. There are sections in the game for pretty much any time of game: supers, horror, hack and slash, the whole nine yards.

The players aren't told this at first, they are told to create characters, any character they want, without consulting the others. They each get one gadget which is fixed (it can't be destroyed or taken from them).

They wake up together suddenly in the same area. They know they are supposed to complete a quest together, but don't know what it is.

They don't see a game, they believe they are in a real world, but not exactly the real world that they remember.

The PCs are actually NPCs from a beta test version of the Game, and whenever the computer has enough free cycles, it uses them for some unknown purpose (the quest).

The game was my first experiment with a multi GM game because I wanted to actually play a character after GMing this group for years. The game blew up because of a personal conflict between myself and one of the other GMs.

This time I'd keep it to a single GM.
A little learning is a dangerous thing.
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campaign ideas

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