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Default Re: The Whip is just wrong

Originally Posted by David Bofinger View Post
I'm not sure why people think a whip is good for a wizard specifically. ...
RAW, the whip does as well or better than some spells* at messing with foes, and costs no fatigue. Since many wizards like to conserve fatigue, that's crucial.

And as RobW pointed out, a wizard can easily start with a whip in one hand and drop it as a free action if he needs to cast a spell near his IQ.

* See for example:

1-die Fireballs (RAW whip ignores friends in the way)

Trip (RAW whip has no range penalty, and entangles as well as trips)

Less compelling but evil if you had a high-DX mage (maybe a left-over high DX from the second turn of an Aid spell you did something else with the other turn of):

RAW whip head target supposedly bypasses all armor and does double damage

RAW hand target does damage and causes dropped weapon, bypasses shields and armor lighter than chainmail

The easiest-to-see value being, would you rather have a wizard doing nothing because they're conserving ST, or knocking down foes on 3/DX with no range penalty ignoring intervening figures?
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