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Default Looking for players for a GURPS Traveller game


I would like to run a GURPS Traveller game in the Play-by-Post forum here. The players will play heroic characters. I have 7 sample characters who can be used as PC's. If you want to create your own character, then give the character Luck, Danger Sense, Devotion 2, Communion 4, and QN 13. QN or Quintessence is the attribute for psionics and magic. You may not change QN at character generation, though it may be raised during the game. After this, just create a character with 250 more points. If you're creating a Knight or gunfighter, then he'll need all the points he can get.

I am in Wilmington, DE. While I'd love to find an in-person group, I'll settle on a play-by-post, or even a VTT if my players will help an old many use this technology.

My wiki is at There are some premade characters.

The setting is best described as Traveller + Force Weapons + magic (what is the Force if not magic?) + psionics.

I've taken many rules and Martial Arts from Mailanka's Psi-Wars, but not the setting.

I give a quick introduction to the Third Imperium, which is Traveller's default setting. You could also check on the web. is a great resource. From there, if you click on the system, the information on that system will be seen on the Traveller Wiki.

I apologize for the state of the wiki, but I'm working to fix it up.

To contact me, please respond to this thread, send me a PM, or email.

Thank you.
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Alden Loveshade
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Default Re: Looking for players for a GURPS Traveller game

I'm currently involved in two online GURPS games, so unfortunately right now am not up for a third.

But I wanted to let you know the posted links don't seem to be working.
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