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Default building Vargr Miniatures for Traveller

Hi All,

I'm a miniatures enthusiast, and a big Traveller enthusiast as well. in 28mm scale, there don't seem to be a lot of obvious approaches to building a wave of Vargr miniatures.

I figured out a pathway to do so, and wanted to share.

I purchased a box of Frostgrave Gnolls from North Star Miniatures. The spacing between the arms appears to be very similar (if not identical) to StarGrave miniatures line. So, I'm using the heads and torsos of Frostgrave Gnolls, and the matching arms with high tech weapons and gear from Stargrave product line (I have already assembled about 40 28mm alien and human mercenaries from this line and have a ton of extra matching weapon arms leftover).

Since I had the arms from other projects, the actual cost of 20 x 28mm Vargr are going to cost me $30 or so for the bodies. And I'll end up with a bunch of extra weapon arms. Some green stuff putty to give them targeting reticles on their eyes, or fill in some space between the backpacks and the hunched forward backs (Gnoll vs. Human anatomy difference) and adding some random bits of high tech armor pieces and shoes and I'm done. I'm giving myself a budget of $5 to add some additional cyber arms and legs to really complete the look. As of last night, I have assembled two of these 20 figures and the proof of concept appears to be done.

Just passing this along, since there must be other Traveller miniatures enthusiasts on here. The Gnoll bodies and heads are from this kit: Weapons are unused options from this kit:
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