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Default Re: [Path/Book Magic] 'Grimoire' worldlines

Originally Posted by AlexanderHowl View Post
The USA is not CR 2. It is CR 4 for Status -1 or -2, CR 3 for Status 0 and 1, and CR 2 for Status 2+ (when it comes to firearms, it is CR 2 for most people but CR 4 for ex-felons). The UK is also a parliamentary democracy, which has important differences from a representative democracy.
Its not terribly inaccurate but in GURPS the contemporary US is represented by a general CR of 3 as the US has a lot of freedom but a lot of incarceration as well.

Variations are products of Social Stigma and Social Status respectively not a separate C.

Some of these social stigmas very, a felony record is 10 points most places but only 5 in some states as its not available to employers and you can still vote.

Status of course operates as usual.

Gun and weapon laws are all over the map CR2 and Cr3 are most common with a few CR4 pockets
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Fred Brackin
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Default Re: [Path/Book Magic] 'Grimoire' worldlines

Originally Posted by SimonAce View Post

Status of course operates as usual.

Gun and weapon laws are all over the map CR2 and Cr3 are most common with a few CR4 pockets
Status operates as usual for places where there are no noble titles at least.

It'd probably be more simualtionist to not buy Status direcetly in the US. You get it free from Wealthy or higher and everything else is some form of Reputation. "Member of a famous family" being one of the Reps and at this point it probably wouldn't matter if we were talking Kennedy or Kardashian.
Fred Brackin
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Default Re: [Path/Book Magic] 'Grimoire' worldlines

I suppose one could be pessimistic and call it an optional aspect of increased cost of living. Bribes and behind closed doors methods of avoiding consequences of pesky law breaking. All effectively granting an improved personal CR for certain categories.
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Prince Charon
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Default Re: [Path/Book Magic] 'Grimoire' worldlines

A place from the Grimoire-1 worldline, which exists in similar forms on 2 and 4:

Village of Loch Monar, 2027

Population: ~1,200 (Search -1)

Physical and Magical Environment
Terrain: Mountain, Island/Beach (partly Underground, partly Sealed and Underwater)
Appearance: Attractive
Hygiene: +2 (Magic)
Mana: Normal/High (Common Enchantment)

Culture and Economy
Language: Modern Scottish Gaelic, Modern Scots, Modern English, Magical Latin
Literacy: Native
Tech Level: 8^
Wealth: Comfortable (x2)
Status: -1 to 5

Political Environment
Government: Representative Democracy, Free City (former Thaumatocracy, Independent)
Control Rating: 3
Corruption: -1
Military Resources: $62,400
Defense Bonus: +6


The settlement at Loch Monar was founded in 1367 to service the Monar Academy of Magics, providing supplies and workers so that the students could focus on their studies, and the professors could focus on teaching. All children resident in the village who show any noticeable talent for magic have a right to free instruction, but the school draws students from much further afield (originally by invitation only, though since the Great Reveal students may apply to the government for a place). The location of the village was chosen due to existing buildings on the site (from a previous village that was wiped out by Black Death circa 1351), and by the magical conditions of the area. The village and the school began moving underground and into domes under the Loch circa the 1750s, when the Highland Clearances began. By the time the nineteenth century dawned, there was no evidence of the settlement to be seen, unless you had some degree of magical perception.

Originally, the village was ruled by a council of the leaders (or representatives thereof) of the founding lodges (see below), who elected a Lord Mayor for seven year terms. The council still exists, but no-longer elects the Lord Mayor (the citizens of the town hold an election every seven years, though the Lodge Council still officially 'invests' the Lord Mayor that the public chooses). It is supplemented by a local council of the town's citizens, chosen by lot, like jurors. Within the governments of Scotland and the UK, the region is now a council area, and has its own lord-lieutenant and sheriff principal.

The listed population does not include students at the school (which has expanded considerably), as they are mostly temporary residents.

The Monar Academy of Magics was likewise founded in 1367 (though the first proper classes began in 1368), by the leaders of the largest and/or most powerful magical associations (lodges) in the British Isles, to promote the learning of magic (and to retain their power by bringing in the most promising students). The school houses were named for the heraldic beasts assumed by those lodges: Lion House, Badger House, Serpent House, Raven House, and Pike House; being sorted into a House creates the assumption that one will join that order (children of members of said order are very often sorted into the corresponding House). At the time of founding, Serpent House and Pike house were exclusively female, as their founding orders were, and Lion House, Badger House, and Raven House were exclusively male. By the end of the nineteenth century, this exclusivity had mostly ended, with the last hold-out, Raven House, inviting female students in 1918. First Year students are usually around ages ten to twelve, and schooling lasts for seven years.

Traditionally, a mystic focus is given to the new student on agreeing to attend the school; some new, some inherited, or used and bought or pulled from storage (if the student's family could not afford one, it was supplied as part of a scholarship, which nowadays is mostly at HM's Government's cost); since the Great Reveal of Magic, the number bought new has increased. The most common designs of focus at Monar are various forms of jewelry (though some prefer wands, athame, or other shapes) granting Path/Book Adept 3, often without significant enhancements or limitations (though they may have the odd quirk or two, or be slightly Aspected, e.g. giving +1 to Fire-related rituals, often without penalizing other types). Familiars are generally granted in Fifth Year or later, and only to students who pass a class in caring for that type of creature (Animal Handling, specialized Veterinary, and sometimes other skills like Riding or Falconry, depending on the familiar's species). Abilities granted by the familiar vary by individual creature and caster, but often include Talents (higher levels of Magery are common, but not universal), and things the familiar's species are mythically associated with.

'Magical Latin' is the name for a variant of Medieval Church Latin that developed over time among the magicians and alchemists of Central and Western Europe, with a divergence beginning in the High Middle Ages. Church Latin and Magical Latin are mutually understandable at -1 (sometimes worse, depending on the subject). Despite the name, the language is not magical in and of itself, although it has terms and grammar well-suited to discussing and teaching magic (+1 to Teaching, Writing, and related skills if all involved know the language at Accented or better). Instruction at Monar Academy is largely done in Magical Latin. Tutoring in the language is available even before schooling begins, as it is quite often necessary before one can begin classes. Other languages are often taught as well, since the Books one might find away from the school are not necessarily going to be in any sort of Latin.

Along with their magical skills, language training, and basic Everyman sort of education, graduates are expected to have -5 point CoE (Professional), and should also have a point in Philosophy (Ethics).

At the time of the Great Reveal, Monar Academy was still recovering from the trauma of the Mary Tanner Years, as it was said that she was Destined to change the world (Destiny [15]), and many of those who most feared what changes she might bring sought to end her life before she could do so. She participated in the Defence of the Towers on September 11, 2001, was the one to propose the Great Reveal, and was very active in the doing of it. Thus was her Destiny fulfilled.

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