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Default Knight/Squire Relationship

So, if a player is a Squire under an NPC knight, does the Squire take the knight as an Ally or a Patron?

They travel together on adventures, and the squire gets a (small) part of any spoils. The knight sees to that there's training, lodging (when appropriate), food, and some hand-me-down equipment.

Both seem like they'd be applicable, though I lean towards Ally as an ever-present Patron is a whopping 40 points - the Ally form is more like 5.

Guess this could apply to any master / apprentice relationship.

I'm assuming the Knight takes the Squire as a Dependent.

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Default Re: Knight/Squire Relationship

A constant duty that is life-threatening should cut down those 40 points...
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Default Re: Knight/Squire Relationship

Given the hands on nature of the knight, he's most likely an Ally. Or possibly a Dependent, depending on his competence. Or perhaps both.

I view Patrons as a little more removed from the day to day fumbles and worries of the job than a typical knight/squire relationship would have.
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Default Re: Knight/Squire Relationship

Training, food, lodging and possibly hand-me-down equipment is covered by having a job.

Perhaps Rank 0 or 1 might be appropriate for other more military support, especially if the knight is part of any organisation or group. Maybe with Informal -50% to represent that his position depends entirely upon his knight-master.

For Patron, remember Minimal Intervention -50%, since the knight is very clearly the master and the squire is very clearly the subordinate in this relationship. Meaning that the knight is considered well within his rights to settle issues in a way that the squire finds unsatisfactory.

Of the two, I would prefer the Job + Rank approach, since it avoids the Frequency of Appearance rules (that alone is a major benefit). An Ally/Patron with a high FOP implies someone at the character’s beck and call, when the reality is the squire is at the knight’s beck and call. If using the FOP rules at all I would use them to represent when the knight specifically changes his plans or goes out of his way to do what the squire wants to do, I would not use it for when the squire is accompanying the knight as part of his Duty.
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