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Default Re: (OOC) The Scout's Guide to the Multiverse ☺

The Leap Home

People of Interest-
Margret Hammond-Nichols - Mom!
David Nichols - Dad!
Marcus - Peter's best friend

Peter is able to influence his dream, and return home! He wakes up on his lawn.
Peter tells his parents the tales of his adventures, but he leaves out the part about being possessed by a spirit, he's not sure how they'd take it. The naturally do not believe his story. They prepare a giant breakfast and plan an agenda to get Peter's affairs in order, starting with the police station. Peter is concerned if telling the police the truth is the right idea, and his parents assure him he should.

Peter goes to the yard and builds a fire in the firepit to see if his Karana magic will work at home, and it does, but is somewhat more difficult. Once he demonstrates this ability to his parents, they become believers in the rest of his story and agree that honesty may not be the best policy with the authorities. Peter elects to lean in to traumatic amnesia...
A trip to the hospital reveals Peter is undernourished and they wrap his bruised ribs, but he is otherwise healthy.

Peter finally sees his friend Marcus, and realizes it would be unfair to burden him with the truth and maintains his cover story.

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