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Default Spelunking Skills

I am trying to build a spelunker for a game I am in. Obviously climbing is a good one. Grabbed escape for those tight spots. Curious about other useful skills aside from...

The big question! Which is more useful for spelunkers? Geology or Prospecting. Both talk a lot about ores. But my character is a fairly young adult and would mostly be familiar with the practical aspects of understanding cave structures. Spotting stable or unstable areas. That sort of thing. I'll be giving him at least two points in Geology because he grew up with parents that were cave tour guys as well as spelunkers them selves. But the practical aspect of not getting crushed to death or spotting likely good passages from bad is most important.

Also he has more recently taken up urban exploring. Architecture helps with buildings but what would cover sewers and abandoned tunnels?

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Default Re: Spelunking Skills

You want Geology, with an optional specialisation in Speleology, the study of caves. This, and quite a few other things you'll want, are in Underground Adventures, which you can easily dig up at Warehouse 23.
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Default Re: Spelunking Skills

LoL Damn you GURPS! There is always another book. Thanks Johndallman, that is pretty much perfect.
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