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Old 05-16-2014, 01:57 PM   #651
Join Date: May 2014
Default Re: Member House Rules

We playing with modificated death rules.
If someones dies, he is dead. Player's choice to re-start at next regular turn with a total new character - depending on games progress, while all others just need a step to win its kinda meh to restart all new.
It made some great funny moments in mid-game area, if someones dead he/she restarts, other may kinda ignore his/her progress for some time - sometimes even a suprising win turned out that way cause the others where busy with themselves on last levels and didn't realised the lucky fast leveling "new" munchkin hitting the winning level.
Also looting the dead we changed to "the one who screams first loudest gets it" after a short period lying dead on th ground (to give everyone a chance to get a clue about lootable cards), formed many funny moments due that one while everyones argueing about various cards - decisions made by 6sided dice in worst case. Also hand cards included, shown open to everyone.

We got some older editions around, but decided very early, level 9 and 10 (or 18, 19 and 20 on epic) need to be done by killing a monster, can't sell items for leveling, also get a level cards don't count anymore beyond 8 (or 17).
If droping down below ofcourse levels can be bought or regained by cards again.

Beside of that we took some cards out, Kneepads and the tourist trap are out for kinda all time since we decided these are kinda heavy imbalanced sometimes - others may be decided during game progress depending on how many players and how experienced they are with the game.
So sometimes we take some confusing ones out while playing with beginners in processing game.
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Old 06-01-2014, 03:17 PM   #652
Join Date: Jun 2014
Location: Netherlands
Default Monk Class Variant

Welcome to my monk class variant. Firstly, let me make it clear that this is an unnoficial class, which may be unbalanced, as I am merely a person who designed this card and not the ultimate Steve Jackson game designer.

The monk is a class which consists of using martial arts to out do an opponent. On top of that his fists are usually enchanted to cause even more damage to monsters (note this is just an overview and has nothing to do with the actual card).

First ability: Flurry of blows). Discard three cards and roll a d6. Depending on the result, this result gives you x+ bonus for a single battle.
Second Ability: Radiant Fist) Discard a card for a 3+ bonus, but you gain -1 levels this turn (minimum 0).
Epic Ability: Ki Focus: Discard 2 cards to gain an extra level, when defeating a monster, this auses both levels to not be permitted as winning levels.

If you are interested in using the monk class in your games, then you can either replace an existing class (for one game) and say that it is a monk instead of a warrior for example. Note that items which say only warrior or not for warrior, apply to the monk now instead. This is just an example though, if you replace wizard, then all wizard cards... e.t. .

Method two, you can also use cardboard or scrap paper, but the disadvantage of that, is that the players will be able to see the card, as it looks different. Note that the first method you don,t have to replace a class, you could replace any card(s) as long as three cards are replaced.

I am open for critisism and will update this thread with any changes to the monk.

I am typing on a mobile device so I am sorry for any spelling errors.

Thank You!
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Old 06-04-2014, 04:46 PM   #653
Mister Ed
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Location: Portland, Oregon
Default Re: Member House Rules

For the Marvelous Magenta Moat, rather than have one person start with it, we use it when we are using Fairy Dust, and place it on the top of the Fairy Dust deck, so the first person to get a Fairy Dust card will get it. The color suggested it to me.
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Old 06-08-2014, 11:43 PM   #654
Miley Spears
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Default Re: Member House Rules

Originally Posted by Dudimus View Post
What I decided to do was just use the old cards as they say they should be used.

The only thing I "upgraded" was that Kneepads of Allure can't be used to beat the game.
Mixing old and new cards sounds fun. But don't take away my Kneepads of Allure! :P
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Old 07-12-2014, 10:04 AM   #655
Join Date: Jul 2014
Default Re: Munchkin with two players

Similar to what Humorme posted above, we use the following, 2 player, house rules.

Deal in a 'phantom' 3rd player, with all cards face up.

Play them as a normal player with the following exceptions:
  • Roll d6. (1-3) they are player 2. (4-6) they are player 3.
This may make a big difference when resolving cards that specifically affect the player to their immediate left or right.
  • Determine the method to offer help or interfere with other players during the game.
Option 1: Roll d6 at the beginning of each current players turn. On (1-3) offer help, on (4-6) interfere.

Option 2: If the current player is Lvl 1-5, always offer help. If the current player is Lvl 6-9, always interfere.
On their turn, the phantom player must ALWAYS:
  • Carry any items they have in hand, if possible.
  • Must change race and/or class each time one of these cards are drawn by them.
  • Never goes "looking for trouble".
  • Only sell items in their hand to go up a level.
  • Never trades with, bribes, or extorts, other players.
  • Never asks for help.

Out of turn, the phantom player must ALWAYS:
  • Offer help or interfere with the current player.
  • Play minimal cards necessary to affect victory or defeat of the current player.
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Old 07-23-2014, 12:51 PM   #656
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Default Re: Member House Rules

We have a house rule of at lvl 1 a Thief has to discard an extra card if he fails his attempt to steal.
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Old 07-31-2014, 08:17 AM   #657
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Default Re: Member House Rules

I was thinking about Epic Apocalypse and the potential to open 7 seals before anyone even hits level 10, let alone 20, and came up with this idea for how to handle it:

The first time the 7th seal is opened, do the following:

1) Take the first 6 seals (the ones not in effect), and shuffle them back into the seal deck. The remaining (final) seal takes effect normally, and its continuing effect is now permanent. NOTHING (not even Annihilation) can remove its effect, and it continues to count as an open seal for all purposes except counting up to the 7th seal.

2) Continue playing, opening (and possibly closing) new seals as though there were no seals open. Yes, this means that there will be the continuing effect of 2 seals at the same time once the (new) 1st seal is opened. If the 7th seal is opened again, the game ends normally.

Alternately, instead of shuffling the first 6 back into the seal deck, leave the stack as is and just keep going with a reduced draw pile. This obviously only works with Apocalypse 2 mixed in, but who's playing Epic without it? :)
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Old 08-31-2014, 04:35 PM   #658
Join Date: Aug 2014
Default Re: Member House Rules

The backpack item in the Adventure Time set allows 10 cards in hand instead of unlimited.

Played a 5 player round that ended with a 5-way tie at level 9, a very short treasure draw deck remaining, and one player with enough cards to win by default as soon as he drew a monster. I get the reference to Finn's pack's voluminous capacity and appreciate it, but amassing an otherwise illegal humongous hand by virtue of getting the backpack early doesn't feel like the way the game ought to be won.
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Old 09-01-2014, 04:13 AM   #659
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Default Our Munchkin Pathfinder rules. Thoughts?

Moderator edit: This post was moved here because house rules are outside the charter of the Munchkin 101 forum, and we have this thread already set aside for house rules.

These are rules we created during controversial plays. interested to see what you guys think....

Sun orchard elixir: only one player can have this card. if you die or anything else possibly happens to this card it goes in the box for the rest of the game.(this includes looting the body)

Cutthroat: when you die you go to level 1 and discard all cards.

Super cutthroat: the player that dies gets his body looted.

Scarlet Leprosy: All players tied for lowest first pick a card then all players tied for highest if cards still available.

If you let go of the is in PLAY!

If the phone on the table is being used to keep score it does not affect you against monsters with bonuses to players with electronics on the table.

“Lose your armor” lose all armor in play -Except Hellknight.

Flayleaf Powder- Can be played on level nine, But no level will be gained.

You can choose to start the game as any sex you prefer.

When playing against “Div” the only way to avoid bad stuff is a Wishing Ring. no other anti curse cards apply.

Any time a single monster is removed from combat, combat is over. (Necromancer’s cannot add a monster to a fight where there are not monsters fighting)

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Old 09-29-2014, 07:30 AM   #660
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Default Re: Member House Rules

My wife and I have been playing quite a bit of 2 player Munchkin recently and decided these two cards should be pulled out:

1 - Kneepads of Alluring
2 - Curse Lose Two cards

The first is probably obvious to veteran munchkins. The second just didn't make much sense with only 2 players since the text instructs you to turn to the player on your right then turn to the player on your left.

We're playing with the Princess, Skullkickers, and Dragon boosters along with various promos.
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