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Default Thanks James Holder!

So I managed to buy the same file twice, and James Holder helped me to sort things out and even gave me a refund (which he did not have to do, so I hope that doesn't come from his salary... /jk). I'm asked by every other store I use to give feedback, so I thought I'd give some here as well. Swift resolution, friendly demeanor, and effective support.
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Alden Loveshade
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Default Re: Thanks James Holder!

On a related note, I remember years ago when I was at a gaming convention. Two presenters were talking about writing for different companies that produced role-playing games.

I raised my hand and asked them what they thought about Steve Jackson Games. One of the presenters nodded his head affirmatively. The other said, "If you can write for Steve Jackson Games, do it."

SJGames is one of the most helpful companies I've ever bought from and/or worked for. So thanks for acknowledging James Holder as being a helpful part of that!
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