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Default Re: ORICHALCUM UNIVERSE: VERANIS (Dyaxor A V) in 2123...


PRINCE ZANHAR (fifth in line to the throne of Catakatia)

Species: Homo vertara
Age in 2124: 42 Terran years
Height: 6'1"
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green

IQ: 11
DX: 10
ST: 11
HT: 10

Spd: 5.0

Alertness 1
Ally Group (35 points minions)
Charisma 1
Common Sense
Contacts (15 points worth)
Legal Immunity (Prince of Catakatia)
Strong Will 1


Addiction (larsh)
Dependent (son, average, all the time)
Enemies (-50 points worth)
Lecherous at -5
Secret (active psion)


1. Gluttonous at quirk level
2. Prefers to dress in white
3. Loves boating
4. Always impeccably polite
5. Dislikes flying


Accounting 12
Administration 13
Area Knowledge(s):
Cataka City 15
Catakatia 13
Veranis 11

Boating 12
Dancing 9
Detect Lies 13
Diplomacy 14
Driving 12
Fast-Talk 14
Guns (TL10) 13
Hidden Lore(s):
City Secrets (Cataka City) 15
Catakatia 13
Veranis 11

Catakatian (native)
Thakarian (literate) 13
English (American dialect, illiterate) 11

Law (Catakatian) 12
Powerboat 12
Streetwise 11

ESP (power 8)
Clairvoyance 14
Telepathy (power 7)
Telesend with extended range) 12

Prince Zanhar is a prince of the royal family, a second cousin of Jarak Sahandar, and fifth in line for the Jarakship. He is also several kinds of trouble.

In appearance, Zanhar looks harmless. Deliberately so. He is somewhat overweight, but not grossly obese. Zanhar is neither noticeably handsome nor unpleasant to look at. He deliberately acts as if he is in worse shape than he really is, he genuinely is overweight, but there is muscle underneath it and he is by no means completely out of shape. Zanhar deliberately cultivates the public image of a somewhat dissolute, but not totally wanton, royal wastrel. He manages to come across as likeable and harmless, while concealing his very real ambitions and abilities.

This act is effective in part because it has seeds of truth. He really does have the Lecherous Disadvantage, for ex, but only a -5 level, but he deliberately cultivates the impression that he is a hopeless skirt chaser unable to stop himself. He really is mildly, quirk-level, gluttonous, he loves good food and plenty of it, but he tries to give the impression of being barely able to control his appetites. He really is addicted to a common drug called larsh. This is completely legal in Catakatia, but definitely not socially approved, and doubly so in the nobility and the royal family. He allows this addiction to be public knowledge to reinforce his public image of harmlessness.

In reality, Zanhar is extremely ambitious, though he does not aspire to the Jarakship as such. The Jarak is too public, too exposed, everyone is always watching and paying attention to everything the Jarak says and does. Zanhar would vastly prefer to be the real power behind the throne of a figurehead Jarak. At one time, he thought he was on track to be just that.

Zanhar was 22 Terran years old when the Terrestrians drove out the Thak-Tarak regime. All through his teen years, he had been 'cultivating' the crown prince, awaiting the day when the crown prince would ascend to the Jarakship, and Zanhar would rule Catakatia through the figurehead Jarak. The former monarch was elderly, and Zanhar had thought his rise to hidden power was only a matter of a short wait.

The defeat of the Thak-Tarak changed everything, and upended all of the plans Zanhar had been laying since he was in his early teens. The old monarch, and both his sons, had abdicated and fled with the retreating Thakarians. The Jarakship passed to his cousin Sahandar, a nephew of the former monarch, and the Three Powers became the new overlords of Veranis.

At first Zanhar had some hopes of manipulating Sahandar the way he had intended to manipulate the former crown prince, but Sahandar quickly proved to be both strong-willed and intelligent, and he rapidly established himself as an effective monarch. It soon became clear to Zanhar that it was no use trying to manipulate Sahandar.

Instead, Zanhar began building his own secret network of contacts and allies, setting out to establish a power base of his own. In the short term, he became a patron to major criminal figures in Catakatia, and skimmed considerable profits from this.

(He was already wealthy as part of the royal family, of course, but that money was public and watched. The cash flow from his criminal activities was secret and he could use it as he saw fit.)

Zanhar also cultivated contacts with the Thak-Tarak, entirely without the approval of the Jarak. In 2124, Zanhar has strong contacts in the pro-Thakarian underground movements, and some of them more or less work for him directly.

As far as his long-term goals go, they remain unsettled. Ideally, Zanhar would still like to rule Catakatia through a figurehead monarch. In theory he could do this under the overlordship of either the Three Powers or a restored Thak-Tarak regime. In practice, he would probably prefer the Thak-Tarak, because he could then draw on their harsher, more efficient ways of government for his own purposes.

In the medium term, Zanhar moves cautiously, because he knows perfectly well that Jarak Sahandar is 'on to him'. Sahandar knows about his criminal connections, and strongly suspects his borderline treasonous secret contacts with the Thak-Tarak. Zanhar is popular with the nobility and is public image is of a harmless celebrity royal, the monarch dares not move against him without rock solid proof.

Zanhar knows that Sahandar is looking for just such proof, and much of his activity in 2124 is built around keeping the monarch from gaining that evidence. If Sahandar could prove his case, Zanhar has committed offenses that would justify the death penalty under Catakatian law, and Zanhar knows that Sahandar would not hesitate to sentence him to death if he had proof of his suspicions.

Zanhar has another deep, dark secret, one that is incredibly useful to him, but which he must keep hidden to keep it useful: his is an active psion. Zanhar has a significant ESP faculty, and Telepathy as well. His Telepathy is mostly short-range, but he can use the Telesend skill with Extended Range. His basic Telepathic range is about sixteen meters, but his Telesend range is nearly a kilometer with people he has trained to 'hear' him.

His clairvoyance has a basic range of about thirteen meters, and this gives him an incredible advantage in secret information gathering. His skills do not extend to clairaudience, but he can remote-view and read lips, and he is skilled at reading text and other such information remotely.

Zanhar was discovered as an active psion by a Thak-Tarak secret program when he was twelve years old, and received training in his powers from them. In theory, he could display other Powers, but this has yet to happen as of 2124.

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