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Default HTH question - Daggers

Using your Dagger Mastery talent with the Staff of Mastery enchantment (as usual), what are the options in HTH?

Does your +3 DX for the Occult Blast stack with a HTH boost? (I'd say that the Occult Blast never gets a facing adjustment so it doesn't get +4 for HTH, but I've never seen an exact ruling on this.)

Can you make a shrewd blow with the physical attack in HTH for -4 +4 = even DX? (in the same turn as burning a point of mana for the Occult Blast of course)

Can you make an aimed shot attack in HTH and if so which adjustments apply, the dagger toss or the general aimed shot attacks?

And for maximum range (and destructive power), does the note at ITL 163 mean that a Dagger-staff can be enchanted as a missile rod? (So 20 Mana, 20 dice of Wizardís Wrath rod, and a 20 point powerstone in the hilt say?) If so can you fire these missile spell charges in HTH?
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