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Old 11-28-2022, 02:31 PM   #11
Axly Suregrip
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Default Re: Illusion disarmed

Originally Posted by hcobb View Post
So your standard hero uses UC III to toss the illusion to the ground, and as they enter the hex the illusion vanishes?
If tossing the illusion causes it to drop something, then yes it vanishes.
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Default Re: Illusion disarmed

If the illusion automatically disappears when it otherwise would split, then it would be enough to draw blood, or make it sweat, or hit the clothing or hit a chip from a spear shaft, etc.

Entering HtH would be another free disbelieve since the illusion would be forced to drop their weapons.

I would rather see that the illusion acts strangely. The weapon that should break doesn't or the weapon that should have been dropped is still in his hand, etc. And depending on how strange it is, viewers get a bonus to their disbelieve roll. And if you really do something weird with the illusion to keep it from splitting then the disbelieve attempt might even be automatic.

I would not be against a player that asks for a disbelieve bonus after fighting a possible illusory monster for a few turns. Maybe even give them a +1 for each turn of fighting, just from the possibility that they saw some strange things or acting from the illusion when they are up close. It could be anything that tips them off, from absent footprints to dust that doesn't stick properly in their face, or the illusion not getting winded in a believable way, or the smell when they clinch is wrong, or the absence of spark when they parry steel against steel, etc.
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