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Default Is this right? [New GURPS GM]

Magic Mana Pool

The following represents a standard Mana Pool for casting magic spells. The recovery time below has three different times listed.
- Use the first time if the caster does not know Recovery Energy, or knows it at less than 15.
- If the caster knows Recover Energy at skill 15-19, use the middle time.
- If they know Recover Energy at 20+, use the last time.
Mana Pool: Fatigue Points (cost 3/FP)
  • Only Usable for casting Magic Spells (-5%)
  • Skill Roll: Must use Meditate skill throughout to Recharge (-10%)
  • Mana Sensitive (-10%)
    • No Mana Zone = No Recharge possible
    • Low Mana Zone = Recharge 1 FP per 60/30/15 minutes
    • Average Mana Zone = Recharge 1 FP per 10/5/2 minutes
    • High Mana Zone = Recharge 1 FP per 5/2/1 minutes
    • Very High Mana Zone = Recharge 1 FP per 2/1/0.5 minutes
Total Limitations: -25%

Example: A 8 FP Mana Pool costs 18 points (8 x 3 = 24 -25% = 18)

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Default Re: Is this right? [New GURPS GM]

If you have it, GURPS Powers page 119 has the info for Energy Reserves (ER)

It is like FP, but it won't effect FP, as in the FP rules (going below 1/3 FP).

Only usable for casting spells is worth -10%, mana sensitive is good too.
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