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Default Nordlond Sagas: Three new books for the DFRPG

At 10:30 central time on Sept 10, the latest Kickstarter for Gaming Ballistic launched: Nordlond Sagas for the Dungeon Fantasy RPG.

It hopes to fund three products, all set in the Noršlond setting and supporting the Dungeon Fantasy RPG with more full-color, 8x10 books.

The Dragons of Rosgarth
48 or 64 pages
This setting expansion and adventure scenario details the towns of Midgard and Jarngaršr, and provides a looming threat worthy of a party of seasoned delvers. Targeted at four to six delvers of 300 points or more. Written by Kyle Norton (Dungeons on Automatic).

Forest's End
64 or 80 pages
The King proclaimed that lands and titles were newly available for those bold enough to hold them. One thegn, more than bold enough to take up the King's challenge, built a fortified settlement near where the forest meets the sea: Skógarenda . . . Forest's End. The thegn is ready to claim his rightful status as lord and jarl. A great feast is planned. What could go wrong?

Forest's End features several threats and three actual dungeons to delve for the Dungeon Fantasy RPG! Written by Merlin Avery.

Noršlondr Fólk
16 pages
Sixteen playable racial templates to supplement those from Dungeon Fantasy Adventurers, including Noršlond-specific versions of elves and dwarves. Also dragon-blooded, children of humans and demons, and other hybrids, such as raven-folk and those who are brothers and sisters to bear and boar. Written by Kevin Smyth.

About 10 minutes to launch! As with all small-publisher efforts, the best thing you can do to help is (a) first back the campaign, and then (b) talk about it somewhere else. Share the link, say why you're excited to be a part of the campaign, a comment on facebook, anything. It's amazing how that sort of network effect can drive a campaign.

Let's see if we can break the old DFRPG record for Gaming Ballistic of 600 backers, and the all-time record for me of 610 from The Fantasy Trip.

Nordlond Sagas for the Dungeon Fantasy RPG

[Edit: It's off to a strong start, with 10% funding in the first half-hour.]
Gaming Ballistic, LLC

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