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Default Re: Desert Eagle?

Originally Posted by Anth View Post
Is it allowed to buy a perk twice (as the character need to raise his ST from 10 to 12)?
Yes, I believe that's fine.

Originally Posted by Anth View Post
Stupid Q: does Weapon ST go on Lifting ST or Striking ST?
Not a stupid question at all, as it's not at all clear from the rulebooks. In fact, I'm not even sure what the official stand on that is currently.

For melee weapons, the official rules say Striking ST, but for ranged weapons? I'm not sure.

Originally Posted by Anth View Post
As I understand the Character could use a -4 Baffle suppressor for rifles (ordinary, not the oversized).
My player will hate me when he realizes that I'm not using the cinematic rules. ;)
The problem with using a rifle suppressor here is that the size of the hole in the suppressor is smaller than the size of the hole in the gun barrel.

The results would not be pretty.

The suppressor will have to be a custom-made one for a pistol in .50 AE caliber. A well-made one should be able to reduce the sound signature by -2. If you're exceptionally nice, the PC spends a lot of money and the armourer that builds his can is a genius, you might be able to give him a -3 reduction. I wouldn't do it in my games, but it's forgivable if you want to round up instead of down.

The reason you get such a poor sound reduction is that the larger the caliber, the larger the space between the baffles where sound and gases can escape. A .22 is much easier to silence than a 9mm and a 9mm much easier than a .45 not because they're less powerful, but because the suppressor can have a smaller bore.

Originally Posted by Anth View Post
As everything is custom made, should it be OK with a +50 % cost for both the gun and the suppressor, or is it too cheap?
The gun doesn't have to be special made at all. All he needs to do is pay an armourer to thread the barrel for him. That shouldn't be much more than a $100.

The suppressor, though, should definitely be double cost.
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Default Re: Desert Eagle?

If one is confused as to why the clerk suggested a Desert Eagle and not something like, a slug shotgun or a rifle of some kind, the peccadilloes of gun store clerks are well documented.
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