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Old 08-22-2016, 09:36 PM   #1
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Default LAD Feedback Forum

Hey, everybody!

The LAD rules are posted for scrutiny, play, and comment. See There will be a few tweaks due to feedback already received, but please feel free to comment here.



And yes, I know there are no counters for this unit . . . yet!

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Default Re: LAD Feedback Forum

So LADs no longer need to be within 4/5 (?) hexes of a command post to fire at full strength? That's good. Makes them useful as a full GEV/LGEV/Hovertruck attack force.
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Old 08-24-2016, 04:26 PM   #3
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Default Re: LAD Feedback Forum

I think that, as drones, these should either be immune to, or eliminated by, "D" results. Given their low defense and fluff as being "drop and abandon" units, probably all D results should be upgraded to X.

The reason for this is a bit metagame-y, as it allows the backside of the counter to represent the LAD in pallet mode, so you don't need two counters for each LAD.
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Default Re: LAD Feedback Forum

One could, theoretically and strictly unofficially, create counters based on the art in this old sell-sheet.

One might be advised, however, not to over-invest in counters for a unit whose rules are still in active discussion here.

ColBosch's suggestion above sounds very good, and would definitely impact what one might want to print on the back of one's counters.

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Old 08-25-2016, 06:43 AM   #5
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Default Re: LAD Feedback Forum

Few more thoughts:
  • Is it really necessary to require Combat Engineers to re-palletize LADs, or is this too restrictive?
  • Does permitting any infantry to hand-carry LADs introduce too much potential for abuse?
  • Perhaps a compromise could be that Combat Engineers aren't needed to break down LADs, but they are the only infantry allowed to hand-carry them into vehicle-restricted terrain.
  • Trucks and Hovertrucks should have a set PV when assigned to transporting LADs, as they are combat units in this role.
  • The rules for carrying units as cargo should be summarized here, so that players don't have to go flipping about to see how many LADs a Truck/Hovertruck can carry.
  • Vulcans: could they carry and deploy LADs in place of their usual drones? Or in addition to?

Leaving aside the Vulcan question for until we have their rules, here's some suggested (very rough) revisions.

Completely replace the paragraph beginning "A LAD cannot repack itself..." with the following: "Due to security interlocks, a LAD cannot repack itself unless an appropriate friendly unit (truck, hovertruck, or Combat Engineer squad) is present in its hex. Repacking is the reverse of the above: Turn 1, the carrying unit moves into the LAD's hex; the LAD may still attack. Turn 2, the LAD folds itself back into a pallet (flip the counter to the pallet side); neither the carrying unit nor the LAD may move or attack. Turn 3, the LAD is loaded onto the truck, hovertruck, or Combat Engineer squad; the carrying unit may move this turn. Note that it is rarely worthwhile to re-emplace a LAD under combat conditions."

For the paragraph beginning "LADs still on a pallet may be attacked..." add the following to the end: "Similarly, LADs that are repacking may be attacked at Defense 0. If their carrying unit is destroyed but the repacking LAD survives, it cannot be moved until another appropriate friendly unit enters its hex. In this case, the new carrying unit only requires one turn in the LAD's hex to load the palletized drone. Alternatively, the LAD can be redeployed in the hex it was stranded in; it takes one turn for it to unfold again, after which it may resume making attacks."

Replace all but the first line in the paragraph beginning "The LAD is considered a Size 1 unit when set up." with the following: "When palletized, the LAD may be carried by a truck or hovertruck as cargo, filling the vehicle so that it may not carry any infantry squads (ODE, 5.11). The one exception is when a Combat Engineer squad is hand-carrying a LAD; both units may be carried at once by a truck or hovertruck. When hand-carrying a LAD, a Combat Engineer unit may only move one hex per turn. Combat Engineers that are carrying a LAD may not group together with other infantry for defensive purposes (ODE, 3.02). Combat Engineers can mount a truck or hovertruck on the same turn that the Engineers pick up a palletized LAD."

Add the following as a new paragraph: "In a scenario involving the use of LADs, trucks and hovertrucks are purchased as 'half value' armor units, and are worth 3 VP if destroyed."

I'm also tempted to introduce the term "prime mover" to replace mentions of "carrying unit" and "truck, hovertruck, or Combat Infantry squad."

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