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The Big Boo
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Default Watch It Played

Let me start by saying that I'm not associated or affiliated with Rodney Smith over at Watch It Played (he's in Canada and I'm in the UK).

Anyway this is one of my favorite web shows and has caused me to buy alot of great games. He has a sponsorship deal from Plaid Hat Games and so is pushing their games to the front of his list of games he wants to do.

Back to Munchkin, I am led to believe that Munchkin has seen increased success from TableTop. The reason I post this here is because I am constantly seeing people posting in his YouTube Comments that they would like to see him do Munchkin Quest.

While He always gives a diplomatic answer that anything is possible the truth is he has never played a Munchkin Game and has a long list games he does play that he wants to do so we probably wont see Munchkin Quest for a very long time.

Unless Steve Jackson Games wanted to do a sponsorship deal with him, hint hint!

You don't have to answer this it was just something I wanted to bring to your attention and of course you wouldn't have to stop at Munchkin Quest, Steve Jackson Games has lots of great games that he could play!
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