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Default Re: [MH] Vile Vortices and Supernatural Threats

Originally Posted by Astromancer View Post
Looking at the list of Vile Vortices it occurs to me that with a little thought stretching the sites fit lost continents. Atlantis in the Atlantic and West African(Mountains of Atlas anyone), Lemuria in the Indian Ocean, and Mu in the Pacific.

Try this idea. These were never continents. They're parallel realities parasitic on our own.

Any use to you?
Oh, certainly.

This goes without saying. :-)

Well, I suppose someone needed to say it, if only to determine which Vile Vortex to associate with which Lost Continent. Note, however, that two or more physical areas on Earth can correspond with the same otherwordly location, and vice versa.

For example, the Vile Vortex centered on Loyalty Islands corresponds exactly with the location of the society of Kanak/Deep One hybrids visited by Captain Obed Marsh and reported in Lovecraft's The Shadow Over Innsmouth, but this should not be read to preclude the Vile Vortices in Algiers, Mali and the western Mediterranean; Zimbabwe and the East African coastline, nor indeed the Bermuda Triangle, from linking to that same Land of the Nommo.

For that matter, the fact that there is an island of forbidding highlands in the Krakatoa Archipelago named Lang has always seemed suspicious to me, in light of the infamous Plateau of Leng. The combination of Lovecratian-sounding 'Krakatoa' with this Plateau of Lang seems to me highly suspicious. And, of course, there is a Lang Island at Antartica, which of course is another of the Vile Vortices. No doubt there is yet another way to the Plateau of Leng at the other pole, most likely at the Mountains of Madness, existing at both poles simultaneously. Tekeli-li indeed.
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